Risky Beads

accessories with issues...

My interest in jewelry making began by accident. Years ago, a friend of mine was in town, and we decided to go spend a beautiful October day in Chapel Hill, NC, home of my alma mater. We ate lunch and then wandered into a bead store. We knew nothing about making jewelry save what we thought we knew. We spent over three hours in that store, drove the thirty minutes back home, and decided to start making all of the marvelous things we’d pictured in our heads. Even though we had no clue what we were doing, we had an absolute blast. The fruits of our labors that day weren’t exactly phenomenal, but we were utterly stoked about the very real chance of reaching our delusional potential. We went back to that store the next day. My friend flew home that Sunday, satisfied with her crafty indulgence. But I wasn’t. I kept going. And going. And going.

Risky Beads, accessories with issues, started out as stories told through bead work--featuring The Leftovers Series, Death of a Snowman, and the misadventures of Little Red Riding Hood. It continues today with hundreds of hand stamped sentiments and growing--from the personal to the tongue-in-cheek. You can find custom gifts for everyone on your list--him, her, and your furry friends.

We are located in Matthews, NC, USA. The fastest way to contact us is via email at [email protected].